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Keeping Your Food Cold
  • 1.Start with chilled food. Store your food in the refrigerator as soon as you have prepared it until you are ready to pack your picnic.
  • 2.Pack your food last after you have collected everything else together to take with you.
  • 3.Warm air rises so place a block of ice or coolpack in the bottom of your cooler boxes.
  • 4.You can buy ice from most garages or supermarkets but it is easy to make your own. Just place a container of water in your freezer the night before your picnic and "Bobs Your Uncle". Water expands when it is frozen so be sure not to fill your container too full.
  • 5.If you are taking a bottle of water to the picnic (always a good idea) it is a good plan to freeze it first and use it in your cooler. It saves space, cools your food and provides water to drink. The best of all worlds. It is safer to use a plastic bottle though. It will not break like glass and is lighter to carry. A used drink bottle or clean plastic milk container is fine.
  • 6.Loose ice will slowly melt however efficient your cooler and this can get messy. This is OK for packing drinks that come in bottles or cans. You can pack the ice tightly around them to keep them super cold. But you don't want to eat soggy food.
  • 7.Pack food in sealed boxes so this will not happen. If I am using loose ice I usually leave it in the bag it comes in and place the whole thing into the bottom of the esky. This keeps everything much cleaner and easier to handle.
  • 8.Cold blocks are a tidier and more efficient way to keep food cool than ice. They stay cold longer and you can use them time and again.  Keep your cold block in the freezer all the time and it will always be frozen ready to pack with your picnic food.

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