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How To Use Dry Ice In Your Cooler

There are a few different ways you can use dry ice in your cooler and each method has a different pros and cons.

Most Common Method: Dry Ice On The Bottom

The most common method of using dry ice is to simply place it at the bottom of your cooler and pack everything on top. This is best for people using their cooler to store items they need to access throughout the day such as food whilst camping.

This makes sense for a lot of reasons. Firstly, as dry ice can burn you keeping it at the bottom tends to be the safest way to use it.

Also it allows you to freeze some items while simply keeping other items refrigerated. Any items touching the dry ice or close to the bottom will freeze, while items near the top will stay cold but won’t freeze.


  • Place styrofoam or cardboard at the bottom/sides of the cooler (wherever the dry ice is touching) to avoid the dry ice damaging the plastic interior of the cooler
  • For extra protection place a cardboard sheet with hole in it over the dry ice. This will still let cold through but will stop people directly touching the dry ice.
  • Always use proper protective gear (gloves and glasses) when handling dry ice as direct contact with dry ice will burn your skin or cause frostbite.

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